3½ Time-Outs Tuesday: The Instagram Edition

I’m curious to know what your 3½ Time-Outs are this week, and so is Larry D over at Acts of The Apostasy. So please come up with something – anything, and then post it for the rest of us to see!


I’m one of those people who uses Instagram routinely (though I forgo the photo-sharing, social media aspect of the app). Why? Because I realized a long time ago that unless I had a really nice camera and an understanding of how to use it, most of the pictures I take just aren’t that good. They never capture the moment as I recall it in my mind, anyway.

Until Instagram.

Whenever I use an Instagram filter on one of my pics, the result is sentimental. Every. Time. Sentimental! Like take these for example:


And sometimes I’ll even take older photos that I really like, but that don’t seem quite sentimental-looking enough, and I’ll put a filter on them too. And the result… you guessed it. So SENTIMENTAL!!


Instagram even makes completely random crap look totally sentimental. Like take this group of acorns:

BAM! Sentimental.

Or this poor old, lonely flip flop:

Awww, gotta have some sort of sentimental value…

Yep, that’s right. This lint roller is precious to me. You might even call it sentimental.


But it’s true; there are images in this world that actually can’t be made sentimental – even by the likes of Instagram. Such as:









…keep scrolling…




Yep… I made you scroll for this.

8 comments on “3½ Time-Outs Tuesday: The Instagram Edition

  1. Christine says:

    That bear & a bunny rabbit were taking a dump in the woods.. the bear asked the bunny if crap stuck to his fur when he pooped & the bunny said, “No”. So the bear grabbed the bunny & wiped his butt with him. End of story. I dunno.. seeing that bear just reminded me of that.

  2. thelarryd says:

    Ha ha ha! That’s really funny!

    Is that your piano? I have a Sojin baby grand – if we were neighbors, they could have play dates!

  3. Smoochagator says:

    Love it! Everything seems cooler in Instagram. I take lots of pictures of my food, and I feel like a super-duper foodie blogger when I share ’em thru The Gram.

  4. I’m also loving Instagram, though I don’t usually share pics.

  5. pantacrator says:

    yes Kim, the instagram is great, makes random stuff look good!

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