3½ Time-Outs Tuesday

The Larry D, over at Acts of the Apostasy, wants your 3½ Tim-Outs too. So do it, I bid you. Now!!


Well, I just recently graduated from the Denver Catholic Biblical School, which is a lay division of the St. John Vianney Theological Seminary. It was four years of biblical study, lectures, and homework as part of what is known around the country as “the most in-depth and comprehensive Bible study in the United States.” Our diocese is incredibly fortunate to be able to offer this outstanding course – taught by amazing instructors. I really cannot speak highly enough of those who teach at the CBS, they are beyond excellent.

Special thanks to my mom and stepdad for attending my graduation (and to my husband, of course, for being on iphone photo detail)!


 On a totally different note, I’ve been making SO much jewelry lately! Much of it will be featured in small doses on this blog. A big part of my inspiration this season are the hues of the Caribbean. Jade and turquoise pair with silver to contrast the warmth of sun-kissed skin. The truth is, even those with procelain skin look radiant in greens and aquamarines. Jewelry is the best kind of art  – because you can wear it!


My pup, Billie Jean (as in Michael Jackson’s hit song), is sure growing fast. At almost 5 months, she really couldn’t be a prettier boxer. I can tell that she’ll be a great dog since she’s already fairly intelligent, sweet, and somewhat obedient. But, like the other two boxers we’ve had, she’s a dog who knows what she wants. And what she wants is sole claim to the chair by the window, so that she can vigilantly be on guard against invading squirrels. That, and contort herself into a pretzel when working on her raw hide. How ladylike.


I wanted to share with you this incredible Queso Blanco Dip recipe that will absolutely blow your mind.

*We substituted the Land O’Lakes cheese with Boar’s Head and recommend that you do the same. Also, adding about a half of an anaheim pepper, chopped, to the recipe makes it delectable.


9 comments on “3½ Time-Outs Tuesday

  1. thelarryd says:

    Thanks for playing! Now…what’s Patrick’s excuse? lol

    Congratulations on the degree – what an achievement!

  2. catholicboyrichard says:

    Yes Denver sets the standard…but the Twin Cities is not far behind. And now you can “save” Pat from reverting to Protestantism hehe…Congratulations. Nothing easy about that.

  3. mazsamem7 says:

    Hello again, Kim. I came to congratulate you on your Catholic Bible Study Degree. What an achievement…to devote four years to know the Word better! I’m a cradle-Catholic, but one who has fallen away. Only fairly recently have I begun my slowly-progessing return. (Forget where I read the term “re-vert”, but I like, it fits, I’ll wear it with comfort.) I’m proud of you, Mrs. V! And obviously, so is the Mr. That’s where I found out about this. Congratulations for the time and effort you put into furthering your journey!

    • mazsamem7, thank you! I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity. I learned more than I could’ve imagined was possible – and still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface! Made great friends too, what a blessing it’s been.

  4. catholicboyrichard says:

    Hey Pat that may be true but I cheated totally…actually I didn’t!!!

    And in all seriousness our Institute is patterned quite closely after yours and I think perhaps the second one in the nation. And Sean Ennerst from Denver developed the curriculum too. Kim did he teach any of your classes? This year I also took the EPIC course on Church History (from a Catholic point of view), so I am now 3 years into studies at this point, but have taken some one day seminars here and there such as Bible Timeline and a few more besides. The first 2 years were based primarily on the Catechism, and are now being used as a pre-diaconate program in our Archdiocese–they are truly that good.

    However they also dig much deeper into source documents and the like, not just the Catechism itself. The director of our program is Jeff Cavins, who originated the “Bible Timeline” concept that Dr Tim Gray and others now use in their teachings. So Denver and St Paul seem to have a number of good connecting points back and forth. Ironically Jeff and I used to both attend “Jesus People Church” just down the street from me back in the day, although not sure if I ever met him then or not.

    But in any case Pat, now Kim is still smarter than either one of us…well maybe not you. You too are likely pretty equal in that department I would bet:). God bless, and again congrats Kim.

    • I remember, at one point, one of our instructors mentioning that another city (now I know it’s yours) was creating a curriculum patterned after ours. Our program is basically the brainchild of Tim Gray, who is now the president of the Augustine Institute, which is here in Denver. I never actually met Jeff Cavins, but his work is used throughout our curriculum. Sean Innerst doesn’t teach at the Biblical School – he’s a prof at the Augustine Institute as well.

      This year, as we were graduating, we were very much encouraged to jump right into their Catechism program in the fall, which is a four semester program (I imagine it’s probably very similar to yours). I’m taking a break for a year or so, though. Cause my brain kinda feels like mush now. I’m definitely not as smart as you boys:)

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