Bad Blogger

I’ve been one, that is. And, not that anyone is sitting around with bated breath waiting at the edge of their seat for my next post, but I do realize that people tend to lose interest in a blog after weeks and weeks of nothing.

Maybe I should let you in on a little something: I really don’t like writing. Anything.  And I do realize writing is an often necessary part of communication – so I can write. But oddly enough for someone with… a blog… I kinda hate to write. TA DA! That’s why I like to say that this is more of an art blog – because people don’t expect paragraph after paragraph of me expressing thoughts if it’s about the pictures. And yet, the art has been a bit scarce as of late as well, hasn’t it.

The thing is, I so often feel like I have a lot to say – and sometimes I actually am able to say it in a blog post. But more often, I’m completely frustrated by my own inability to organize and present what’s churning around in my head. It’s kind of like the frustration I imagine a stutterer feels as he attempts to spit out a couple words, while entire conversations pass him by.

So anyway, at the moment I really don’t have a lot of wisdom or commentary to offer, but I have been working on a few little artsy things. I’ll definitely be posting those when they are ready. Maybe not with long descriptions. Oh, and it might get a little chick-ish up in here – I’ve been trying out some new nail polish techniques that the ladies may be interested in. Nail art, y’all! But don’t completely leave me, guys.

Well, thanks for tolerating my bad bloggity. And please know that if I’m not blogging, it’s not because I don’t want to; it’s just because I’m a bad blogger.


2 comments on “Bad Blogger

  1. Christine says:

    I’m a bad blogger too but I like to write..and I like to practice my face painting, and I like to clean my house & do laundry, and i like praying, and I like to go to the office every other day, and I like to cook, and I like to do groceries (not really) but life has a way of showing me what my priorities should be so I guess blogging isn’t hong in the list.

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