7 Quick Takes Friday

Thanks to Hallie for hosting this week at Betty Beguiles!


Well I guess it’s a bad sign if you’re looking forward to Lent because that’s when Wendy’s brings out their Fish Fillet sandwich. I don’t know… if I look forward to a sandwich this much, shouldn’t that be what I give up for Lent? The one thing I can only get my hands on during Lent? Have you had Wendy’s Fish Fillet?

Awwwww yeeeeeaaaahhhhh

Moving on…


In other food news – my family is having a Mardi Gras party in a couple weeks. I have never been to Mardi Gras. I have never been to New Orleans. And yet, I’m supposed to bring something “N’awlins-ish” to eat. I don’t even know what they eat down there. Lord knows I’m not bringing crawdads or whatever those things are they suck the heads off of. So, I’ve decided to go way out on a limb and make… beignets. How hard can that be? Oh wait, this is me we’re talking about – and I’ve been known to botch break and bake cookies. So yeah, wish me luck on that.


For some reason I’ve been pretty emotional lately, but I’ve realized there’s one thing that never fails to make me feel better. Instantly. And that would be Awkward Family Photos. It’s like therapy.  Creepy, hilarious, make-you-glad-you’re-not-part-of-other-people’s-families, therapy.

The beige dockers are a nice touch.


So yes, I’m a chick – you might already know this. But I hate, HATE beauty salons.

I. Hate. Them.

I hate spas a little too, but not as much as salons. I think it all stems from a series of disappointing experiences that gave me a bad association. But in any case, I truly will do anything to avoid going to a salon. So the other day, out of sheer desperation, I resorted to begging the husband to cut my hair. Not style it. Not color it. Just take about 3″ off. Just a perfectly straight line – nothing fancy. He basically refused – but after being harassed for a couple of hours and finding that no matter where he went, a pair of scissors would coincidentally be found lying somewhere in the vicinity – he gave in. Problem for him is… he cut a pretty fine straight line, and now I don’t know why I should ever have to pay a stylist again. Bet your husband doesn’t beg you to go to the salon (come to think of it, that’s probably a good thing).


Dear Winter,

I think we need some time apart. I mean, I like you… but I’m not in like with you. Besides, I hear Alaska is crushing on you pretty hard anyway, so…

I hope we can still be friends (not really though),



March 17 y’all! That’s when we get to go pick up our new little boxer puppy! We’re no longer naming her “Dogma.” It’s “Billie Jean” now. I just can’t wait!! WOO HOO!

Billie Jean!


See, to me this clip should be called: Would you like some food with that loogie?

13 comments on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. Good stuff! Thanks for reminding me about the smile inducing “Awkward Family Photos”. (i’m there now)

    Btw, Pat, giving home-spun hair-do’s? I think the czar just lost some street cred. Shhh. Don’t tell him I said that.

  2. The Licensed Fool says:

    I don’t think we have Wendy’s over here – at least I’ve never seen one. Are we missing out..?

  3. “Would you like some food with that loogie?”

    awwwh….c’mon….admit it, you loved the video…

  4. Contra says:

    Awkward Family Photos always has some gems to brighten the day. I’ve gotten into the People of Walmart site.

  5. Christine says:

    I agree with Contra… PeopleofWalmart is much funnier… I think most of those pictures have been taken at the Walmarts in our area!

    As for fish filets, I hate to admit it but I’m a closet Long John Silver fan… their fish filets are awesome!

    Congrats on Billie Jean! Just think.. PUPPY BREATH!!!!!

    • Thanks! Yep, and puppy teeth. Little needles!

      You know, I’ve never even tried Long John Silver’s (not sure where there is one around here) – I’m not normally a big fish person. But yeah, it seems like that would be the place to get a fish fillet.

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