7 Quick Takes Friday!!!

– 1 —

So for a while now I’ve had a specific void in my life causing me to be on this never-ending quest to find this one thing that has been eluding me. I feel like I’ve patiently waited and searched – seemingly going to all the right places and asking all the right questions. I’ve been willing to do whatever it takes, but sometimes some things remain just outside our reach, I guess. Until now. I have finally found… sweatpants with pockets. Soft, reasonably thick, flattering, SWEATS. WITH. POCKETS. I know, you must be wondering why sweats with pockets would be hard to come by. Well, they were. For at least a couple seasons. I even asked one of the buyers at REI where all the sweats with pockets were, to which she replied, “There are none. Forget about it, no one’s making them. People don’t want their sweats to have pockets.” WHAT?! I’m sorry, when I wear sweats (for my job, and all other activities) where am I supposed to put my phone, or money, or keys?

Well, Target finally stepped up and now sells some really great sweats with pockets. And in at least two shades of grey!

— 2 —

The other day, as I was on my way to get some carnitas to go at the local Mexican restaurant, I noticed this place in the adjacent strip mall. I just hope their hymnal includes “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Otherwise, what’s the point?

— 3 —

Remember this lady? Yeah well, it looks like she wasn’t totally wrong after all. It’s true; a lot more people don’t have to worry about putting gas in their cars and paying their mortgages… because they no longer have cars or houses. Thank you, oh oracle.

— 4 —

Have you ever just, out of the blue, picked up an old habit from, oh – I don’t know, like 30 years ago? Well, I recently did. I was getting groceries, and something compelled me to go down “that isle” – you know, the one those know-it-all health nuts tell you to avoid like a twitpic from Anthony Weiner. Anyway, somehow I found myself wandering down the danger zone when I saw the Oreos. I thought, hmm, it’s been a while, I should buy these. And that was approximately four boxes ago. Now I sit and dip Oreos in milk as I surf the blogosphere. I know. it’s gross. And six per sitting, mind you! At least I have several new pairs of sweat pants now. Mmmm.

— 5 —

Ah, Christmas in my neck of the woods. Bet your neighborhood doesn’t have… this…

— 6 —

I’ve finally reached that magical point in blogging where I have to set my post drafts to “private visibility” as I write them, so that if I hit “publish” prematurely, no partially finished blog post will immediately go out to all my subscribers. Because it’s happened twice. I do this thing now where I just hit “publish” for some reason, who knows why, and then go into AFib – like I just accidentally launched a nuke at Mexico or something. I must never join twitter.

— 7 —

Yesterday at Mass, during his homily, the priest asked if we realized what our conglomerate response to “the Lord be with you” sounded like at this point. To a bunch of raised eyebrows and shrugging shoulders, he replied, “and also with your spirit.” Yep. Maybe by Easter we’ll have this thing down.

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14 comments on “7 Quick Takes Friday!!!

  1. catholicboyrichard says:

    Just a quick thought on #7–I wouid agree–Easter of 2014 that is!

    • Yeah, and that’s for the one response…

      • Richard G Evans says:

        Yes I think it will be in the 21st century “roaring Twenties” before we get the Creed and Gloria down…Ironically I am so old that I remember these exact repsonses as a child. The first English translations used them until 1970, and then they “modernized.” I left the Church for evangelical circles in, of course, 1970. When I returned in 2005, I kept saying AND WITH YOUR SPIRT and had to correct myself. This is too much for an old man…but I do love them. The Mass now seems like “the Mass I remember” instead of the pot parties I have forgotten.

  2. Joseph K. says:

    Let me tell you the story of MY sweatpants.

    So, I worked at Marshall Field’s and I would always pick over the Polo section. I found this pair of AWESOME Navy with/Red Logo sweats. Very classic. Only, they were elastic bottoms. I wanted that. Why? Because I got a size LARGE (being a small/medium). The Polo sweats were cut “roomier” than most elastic bottom sweats were. Yes, they had pockets.

    So, they were pretty much the greatest sweats ever. Somewhat baggy, but not in a I am Eminem way, more, I look like I just stepped off my Schooner sort of way. So these sweats ROCKED. They went with everything.

    In fact, I got engaged in these sweats… dont ask it was romantic, ask my wife.

    Then… disappeared. I cant find them anywhere.
    I have looked everywhere. Figured I could just BUY them again… but nope.

    I bought a pair of Moosejaw ones… but they are black. They do the job, have pockets (you should look at moosejaw for yours actually) but not the elastic bottoms. They are roomy, sorta bootcut… yeah, I know sounds kinda feminine, but they work. But they arent my Polo sweats. I look online for them, everywhere… cant find anything close.

    I really believe these sweats were sent from another planet, in the future, to help me get engaged. Now that the mission is over, they got on their spaceship and went back home.

    I need oreos.

    • Thank you for that, Joe. People don’t… well they don’t understand… do they. I think I need to compile a bunch of people’s fateful stories about sweatpants and write a book.

  3. Contra says:

    #2 made me laugh. “Wheel in the Sky” definitely needs to be part of their service also!

  4. I have some sweats with pockets. However, the front pockets are too small to be really useful and there are no back pockets! I have some nylon track pants that have good front and back pockets, but the pants are hard to find.

  5. Patrick says:

    Wheel in the sky! Forgot about that one!

  6. I clicked over from Conversion Diary and I’m so glad I did. These are probably the mostest funnest quick takes I’ve read in a long time! And yes, my reaction to accidentally hitting ‘publish’ instead of ‘save’ would make a person think that my house is about to set on fire.

  7. Kathleen says:

    That’s the first honest to goodness laugh out loud I have had all day. Soul food for the NICU…you rock! Where to begin? Ah, yes, SWEATS. I had a pair I LOVED. Well, I HAVE them, but they’re threadbare and so stretched that they work as maternity pants now, and have paint splatters all over them. I am so glad to know Target has some! Now, if only I can squeeze the money out of the budget!…As for the rest…the dog in particular…yikes! And as for “and also with your spirit,” I also agree. Yesterday I went to IC Mass in the hospital chapel, and b/c I was talking to the neonatologist I was late and standing in the back, without a cue card. I’m a liturgist so I knew vaguely the wording changes where they were, if I couldn’t rattle them off, and I have to admit, after my first stumbling through the changes I think it’s not going to take as long to make the shift as I once thought…we just have to be thinking about the words for a little while. I really actually like *most* of the changes. I like the greater poetry and ritual of “enter under my roof,” stuff like that. Though I’m not a fan of “consubstantial.” LOL

    • Oh I really like the changes as well. But it’s so funny listening to people (me included) as they kind of try to morph the old responses with the new in an attempt to not look down at the missal.

      BTW, I think the sweats were around $16 – not too bad for how well they’re wearing so far!

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